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We provide short professional video clips. Our content is positive, informative and very entertaining. Wonderful content to associate your brand with!

Recipients receive the video news clips in their email inbox's - eliminating the need to visit a site, turn on a TV or radio or read a newspaper or magazine. Our list of recipients is built virally - from one person recommending it to their family and friends. Our content is:

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We include the following four components with each sponsorship:

  1. We mention all sponsors of the current day's videos in our Opening Message that each subscriber receives and show their logo.
  2. Preceding each Video is a bumper - we will overlay audio "Sponsored by (your name , phone number and web address)".
  3. At the beginning of each video - a Link, Phone Number, Logo, and a short pr statement will appear for each sponsor - at the top of the video player - this can be linked to a specific landing page that the advertiser designs specifically for My Inbox News, or, it can go to the sponsors' website.
  4. The same header will appear on the "Comments" page of this video.

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The total cost for being a sponsor is dependent on the number of views purchased. These are guaranteed, engaged, active potential customers. They can, unlike any other sponsor medium, click and connect with you immediately!

All sponsorships must be prepaid

1,000 Views - $100
2,000 views - $150
5,000 views - $250
10,000 views - $400

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